International Buyers

I noticed a few people around the world watching Prestige Auctions Live Facebook Feed on a Saturday asking about bidding online.

Prestige Auctions currently doesn't offer that service as they want to remain a 'local' auction. I've asked if they would

have any objections if I bought things and sent them to other people around the world, and they said it would be OK with them.

I live close to their auction room and I've attended every sale buying a few items for myself and also selling a few items on Ebay.

It could be possible to set up agreements with people in other countries where they could email me telling me what items they're

interested in buying and their maximum bid, and I could buy the items and box them up for shipping.

This probably wouldn't work very well for one-off items, but someone buying a number of small items, possibly to sell on at a profit

in their own country, and repeating this most weeks could be profitable for both of us.

It would be better if people could arrange for an international courier in their country to pick up their package

as shipping costs are very high if ordered from within the UK.

Payments to cover my costs with a reasonable profit margin could be arranged between us, payment sent via Paypal or bank transfer.

If you want to discuss this further, or you have any viable suggestions,

then please email me (